I was featured in Boston Voyager Magazine with my partner, Jannatha Coffin. Here’s the article about our music studio in Hudson, MA:



“… Jim Gaudette a master guitarist and a loyal customer of Grant’s. He introduced us to his music and gave us a little insight into his life. We love discovering new great music, thanks Jim. Jim has been a staple in the New England music scene for over 20 years. He is an accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and music instructor, who has also been taught first-hand from many of the original music legends of the genres he specializes in. Praised by and received words of wisdom from: Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer, Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore, Billy Lee Riley, Reverend Horton Heat and legendary drummer Buddy Rich. Jim notes his favorite genres to play are: gypsy jazz, rockabilly, surf and classic country style. What more can we say, the guy has talent! If you want to catch an uplifting show or learn from one of the best contact Jim…”

Grant’s Pomade


“…Musician. Songwriter. Composer. Performer. Teacher.  All of these vocations accurately describe Lowell native James Gaudette…  “I want to take old sounds and make them modern.  I want to pay my respects to the sounds of the past, but put my own style into it,” says Gaudette.  Citing some of his favorite genres of music like Big Band, Surf, Spy (the music you would hear in a James Bond flick), Spaghetti Western, and Rockabilly, Gaudette can be likened to an instantaneous blast from the past, as he delves into the very heart and soul of the inception of rock music by weaving a tight musical web, recalling the classics while still retaining his own vision and sense of style…”

Jillian Locke- Sun Correspondent – The Lowell Sun