I was born and raised in Lowell, MA.  At an early age, I showed an interest in music, particularly Big Band (Swing), 1950s Rock n’ Roll and 1960s Soul. When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I asked my parents for guitar lessons (so I could play Elvis songs). I began guitar classes with a local Jazz musician and also developed an interest in drums.

My first guitar! My first guitar!

By the time I was in junior high, I was playing, guitar, bass, and studying drums with a professional percussionist.

My first drum gig! My first drum gig!

During high school, I was a member of the Concert, Marching, and Jazz Bands. For my dedication and enthusiasm, I was presented with the “Green and Gold Award”  which represented the highest achievement in participation and performance.

It was during this time, that I had the honor to meet and talk with my drum hero, Buddy Rich.


After high school, I began music studies at the University of Lowell and Northern Essex Community College.

Lowell MA 1994 (photo by Scott Pittman) Lowell MA 1994 (photo by Scott Pittman)

At that juncture of my life, I was craving more music knowledge and experience than traditional schooling could offer. I joined many bands, performed, traveled and gathered as much music information my brain could store.

Sun Records Memphis TN Sun Records
Memphis TN

I was lucky enough to meet or even share the stage with some of my music idols. It was during these talks I would often ask for advice or a demonstration of a particular lick or technique (don’t forget YouTube didn’t exist then!). It was a humbling experience just to be in the presence of these amazing musicians (Brian Setzer, Larry Coryell, Dick Dale, Johnny Cash, B.B. King…just to name a few).

Me and Brian Setzer 1994 Me and Brian Setzer 1994

Over the next many years of my life, I studied and performed intensely in the genres I specialize in (Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly, and Surf).

Cafe 9

I also have been a “freelance” musician. Several artists have made use of my strong songwriting, composing and arranging abilities.

Wellspring Studios 2007

Varying instruments as required, I regularly substitute for and/or have become a permanent member of many professional Boston/New England-based bands.

TWG 2007

In addition to my own professional music and instruction services,  I teach guitar, electric bass and drums at New City Music Studio in Hudson MA


I like to keep my music technique and knowledge up to date by studying with master musicians, attending /hosting specialized music seminars, and of course performing as much as possible!

10489752_934612123219148_8696790803773080360_n I am demonstrating some Swing licks and techniques (with Tommy Harkenrider and Kevin Stewart) at Sean Mencher’s Guitar Seminar at The New England Shake-Up 2014

I am always in search of learning and challenging myself in old and new styles of music

In conclusion, I am very grateful and thankful for my family, mentors, teachers, colleagues, students and fans for their support to realize my dream of being a professional musician!

Jim ES225TD